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Chiang Mai #3

February 15 - April 4, 2002 ----- Getting an apartment and settling-in


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Upon returning to Chiang Mai I started hunting for an apartment. I settled on one that was 3200 baht a month (plus 3700 deposit) and began attending Thai classes at the local AUA.

I lived in my Chiang Mai apartment for 6 weeks while learning to speak Thai at the AUA. After a week I started reading/writing classes through a private tutor also. There were posters for his drop-in class all over my neighbourhood and he turned out to be a really good deal for the amount of teaching I got.

Some friends from the Rasta Cafe play at the Sunday night fair

I spent my free time wandering the city or drinking with my classmates (an interesting bunch to say the least). Every Sunday I'd usually go to the night fair, where they close off a long street for people to sell wares and put on shows. The street would usually fill with so many people that it was hard to move at times.

Party invitation

Through the AUA I came to know an American girl who ran a local punk bar. At one of the sunday night fairs I helped her hand out invites to a party she was throwing. It was fascinating to watch the Thai people stop and stare at her purple mohawk. Anytime she stopped walking a crowd would start to form around her, expanding until it blocked the whole street.


Hanging out a Nat's Guesthouse one day I got to talking with some Japanese tourists that were going bungee-jumping the next day. I'd never tried it before so I went with them. My fear of heights is so bad I had to close my eyes before I could make myself jump off. Afterwards I got dragged along to an overpriced snake show.

Chiang Mai Pictures...

Photo Photo
C.M. Apartments

Photo Photo
Photo Photo
My apartment

Photo Photo Photo
The view

The market where I'd get breakfast every morning

Favourite shortcut

Photo Photo
Going to school

The moat that surrounds Old Town

Ticket to a Thai movie about some guys in prison

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