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Ko Chang

December 13 - December 26, 2001


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Image of bus ticket to Khorat
Image of back of bus ticket to Khorat
Bus ticket to Khorat
Photo of messy hotel room
Khorat hotel room

While staying in Ubon we met some other travellers who'd just been through Laos and decided to travel together down to the island of Ko Chang. Along the way we spent two nights in Khorat (Nakhon Ratchasima) and a night in Chanthaburi.

Label from water bottle
Namthip drinking water
(made by who?)

Driving to the docks

A boat from Trat brought us to Ko Chang on the 15th and we caught a short ride down the west coast of the island to White Sands Beach. It was very touristy but we stayed there a week with our new friends. After they left we moved down to Kai Bae Beach and stayed there until after Christmas. I'm still trying to find a copy of the email I sent home from Ko Chang.

Ko Chang Pictures...

Ko Chang as seen from the boat

Driving down the coast of Ko Chang to White Sands Beach

White Sands Beach

Rustic bungalows up in the hills (we moved here on the 2nd day to save money). The bungalow on the right was mine (with the lone blue towel). The ones behind it were occupied by various locals who worked the beachside restaurants and bars. Felipes bungalow isn't in the picture

The view from Felipes bungalow

A palm in the front yard. Can you see the snake?

Traditional Thai showers. A basin of water and a bowl to scoop it onto yourself

Some countryside I shot while riding around Ko Chang on a rented scooter

The friends that came with us from Ubon and a couple of guys from the beach

Christmas tree in a local restaurant

Passed-out cat, presumably hung-over

It was usually pretty easy to find me. I was either in the restaurant just off the right side of this photo or I was reading in this hammock. When the tide comes in it goes right under the restaurant deck and I could dangle a foot in the water while I read

One of the brave souls who knocks down coconuts. Thereby preventing them from crushing the skulls of tourists

Christmas morning...

Leaving Ko Chang the day after Christmas

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