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May 2 - May 4, 2002


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Here's the email I sent home from Lopburi:

Before I left Mae Sot I got a much needed haircut at this really kick- ass barber shop in the night-market. For 40 baht you get a haircut, shave, shoulder massage, ear-cleaning and nose-hair trimming. They even shave your forehead and nose!... Okay, so I'm a bit unclear on what running a straight-razor over a persons forehead is meant to accomplish. But the point is, that it's a great deal.

Subsequently I got the heck out of Mae Sot. It's full of Karen refugees fleeing Burmese oppression and a really depressing place to hang around as a result.


Now I've finally come to the fabled city of Lopburi and so far I'm very impressed. Everything here is filthy and covered in monkeys, just as I'd hoped. The madness is fortunately limited to a 3-block radius around the ancient ruins the main troupe lives in. But it's a sight to behold in that area.
A LOT of monkeys
Monkeys in the roads, climbing on the buildings and awnings, swinging from the power lines. Monkeys hissing and fighting with each other, stealing things from sidewalk vendors and fornicating on the sidewalks. I've been wandering around singing Funky Town to myself since I got here, but substituing the word 'monkey'.


Lopburi Pictures...

Photo Photo Photo
Monkeys around the ruins

A spirit house that's been monkey-proofed

Photo Photo
Jackfruit, my favourite breakfast at the time

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