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Sri Racha

May 31 - June 6, 2002


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After Nakhon Phanom I spent a few more days in Sakhon Nakhon again, before heading south.

I rode buses for 12 hours to get from the Northeast back down to the coast. There are a near infinite number of ways to lie across two bus seats. None of them are comfortable. Switching buses at 1am doesn't help either.

Sri Racha has about a dozen piers extending over the war with all manner of houses, hotels and restaurants built onto them. They've expanded in all directions until they touch each other. You can wander through these entire neighbourhoods of walkways and buildings with the seawater sloshing beneath your feet.

I saw a large yellow crane parked on the main-dock today. In big, green block letters they had painted the words "SAFETY FISTY" on it. Words to heed my friend.


I spent a couple of days on the island of Ko Si Chang while I was in the area. Then I returned to Sri Racha and caught a bus to Bangkok.

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